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Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Michael F. | ON | 2021-02-01

Good afternoon Darren,
My name is Michael F. and I recently purchased a pre-owned 2017 Cayenne GTS (my first Porsche) from Mike LeDrew and wanted to share a recent experience to highlight the excellent Customer Service that your team has provided to me.
Owning a Porsche has been a goal of mine, and my wife and I decided at this time in our lives a Cayenne GTS would fit our needs of a family vehicle while also giving an exhilarating driving experience.
I very quickly realized that a Black GTS is rare and difficult to find, but as fate would have it I decided to call your dealership to speak to a sales person and was put through to Mike LeDrew.  He had just received a lease return of the exact vehicle I was looking for, with very low mileage and a CPO warranty.
Mike and Stuart were amazing during the entire sales process and I absolutely love the vehicle which has exceeded my expectations.
Now for my recent experience...I live in Oakville, and I noticed that the inside door handle (grab handle) on my driver's side was loose and was "popping" out of place. At that point I decided to bring the vehicle back to your dealership.  I contacted Alex Ho and he was very accommodating and explained that they would need 1 hour for a technician to inspect the vehicle to see what the actual problem is, and if they needed to order parts they would come to Oakville to pick up the vehicle to do the repair.
I brought it in and Peter booked me in, and kept me updated throughout my wait in your showroom while I worked.  
They ended up needing to order a part and today Ian came to pick up the vehicle and I should have it back by end of day today.
Although it will be more time and expense to bring my Cayenne for servicing to you, based on my experience from everyone that I've come into contact at your dealership, I truly feel that there is an atmosphere of integrity and looking out for the Customer that is instilled in your team.  
Keep up the good work and I hope to have a long relationship with your dealership and possibly another purchase in 2021.
Best regards,
Michael F.

Philip Syron | Ontario | 2020-11-12

I had brought my car in for servicing and I was received by the service agent Chris (Chung) who immediately addressed my concerns with regard my service requirements in a very genuine, professional and earnest way. I was very pleased with the courteous reception I received from Chris and others at Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto.

David Zucchiatti | Ontario | 2020-07-10

I picked up very first 911 from DFC Porsche and was very impressed with my overall experience. I had the pleasure of dealing with Antje Grey. It was a different experience because of Covid but Antje went out of her way to make the entire buying process as comfortable as possible. I also dealt briefly with Amanda and Stuart and they were also a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much again and I am loving my new 911. Its truly a very special car.

Michel | ON | 2020-06-15

Dear Stuart :


I wanted to drop you a line to give some feedback about Eric Sun. I don’t know if this counts towards his employment ratings, I always like to make sure our employees are given feedback. 


Throughout the buying process, we found Eric very easy to deal with and quick to respond to any of our queries. He was friendly, business-like, knowledgeable and hard working. All of my questions were answered, and he followed up regularly without me having to prompt him. When I mentioned I did not have a manual, he sent it to me without delay, as well as my winter mats. In fact, I had a chance to meet Steve from your maintenance department and he was also very friendly.


Eric made the whole process of buying my first Porsche automobile a real pleasure. I look forward to years of service with this spectacular car, and I thank you and Eric for your help in making this transaction. Please pass on to Eric our heartfelt thanks.


Warm Regards,



Michel | ON | 2020-06-15

Dear Mr Tsui :


I wanted to provide feedback on my buying experience at Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto. I bought a previously owned 2018 Cayenne and was very impressed with your pre-owned sales manager, Mr Stuart Drummond. He was friendly and business-like and gave an excellent impression of the dealership. 


He supported Eric Sun, our sales rep, very well, and provided the needed leadership to the transaction. In all, this was an excellent experience for my first Porsche and much of it can be attributed to Stuart’s performance.


Please pass on my thanks to Stuart and his team.


Merci beaucoup,


Wenbin Yu | Ontario | 2020-04-19

I bought a Porsche Cayenne from Mr. Wu. He is a professional and enthusiastic staff who has answered many doubts for me. I sincerely thank him for everything he has done for me. This is a great car buying experience.

Quiqi Wang | ON | 2020-04-19

William Wu is the best saler I have ever met. He can think from the perspective of customers, saving me a lot of time and avoiding a lot of trouble. In fact, I had already selected a car elsewhere, but finally because of his positive attitude, I came to downtown to buy my new car. I appreciate what he has done for me.

Steven Kang | ON | 2019-09-12

I purchased 2019 Cayenne a month ago (October, 2019) and my salesperson from this Downtown Porsche was JEAN PANTELIDIS as known as JP. His service throughout the process and after the sale was superb, I can't really think of any problems or inconveniences to share. Without any doubts, I highly recommend JP because you will be treated fairly and well during the negotiation even though he is working full time for the company and more importantly, you will experience the Porsche-Quality service from him. Meet with others before him, so you can compare, and then you will realize what I meant. Thanks JP and of course, Amanda (financial advisor) for professional services.

Marcie Mealia | ON | 2019-08-28

Very few people will I ever write a review for but Ian Neumeye is such a special individual that I would be remiss not to let everyone know what a very special salesperson he is. Being a professional salesperson I appreciate the knowledge, personal customer service, honesty and integrity that Ian brings to his position. Ian's knowledge of German cars is so deep, his commitment to understand and find just the right car for you is so special that I would NEVER buy a car without first asking his thoughts . If you are lucky enough to buy a car from Ian you can rest assured it is the rirght car for you and that he will stand by you and your car through out your ownership (and longer). He is the car person I know who even makes house calls should I have questions about my car. He truly is one of a kind and as stated if you are lucky enough to have him help you , you will find buying a new car a wonderful and gratifying experience.

Sunil Shah | ON | 2018-04-30

Hello Chris and Constantine,

I am a relatively new and loyal customer of your dealership. For frame of reference, I have bought a previous Porsche vehicle from another dealership a couple of years ago. Over the past 12 months, of course, I have had the pleasure of working with your global brand ambassador, Jean Pantelidis. I don’t write these types of emails often for a couple of reasons. Firstly, clients don’t often reflect on the quality of service received and typically only reach out when there is a problem. Secondly, there are generally few experiences in the broad consumer/auto sectors where service can truly be identified as exceptional. My interaction with JP in the purchase of two Porsche vehicles over the past year have convinced me of his understated ‘exceptional’ service.

Specifically, JP shines in two key areas. The first is his enthusiasm not just for the product & brand but also the overall customer experience and outcomes. He demonstrates a high degree of satisfaction in knowing that his clients’ expectations are met and where possible, exceeded. Without me asking for a favour or his help, he anticipates and just gets it done. One example of this is when I brought in a new license plate holder for my GT3. He almost grabbed it from my hands and got on the ground trying to figure out how to place it on the vehicle and minimize the risk of damage. It’s a little thing that can often go overlooked or neglected, but he does an immense number of little things like that which creates ‘the experience’.

Secondly, he demonstrates strong product knowledge and thereby is not only able to guide toward the right purchase options but he also recognizes differences across his client spectrum and is able to help match the vehicle to the client. His efforts at securing a limited product vehicle for me, the GT3 (with your assistance, of course), given the demand for it underscores his appreciation of my character as someone who will drive it and enjoy it rather than treat it as an investment for immediate flip or storing it as a garage queen for longer term appreciation. His efforts have turned me into a loyal client to the brand, the dealership and to JP himself.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for both your leadership at running a fantastic dealership but also for recognizing and rewarding the strong talent that you have in your brand ambassador, Jean. The products that you have enabled me to purchase have been surpassed only by his dedication and effectiveness. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or wish to chat further. 


Best regards,

Sunil Shah

Pierre seunik | ON | 2018-02-15

Coming back again for the third purchase in two years thanks the Ab and Johnny Lorenz for their attention to details in making the purchases a seemless process with no confusion or stress. This of course this only happens with the help of micheal k in service who is always there to answer all your questions thanks again,my wife is going to love driving her diesel cayenne

Paul Waines | Ontario | 2017-05-29

Just purchased my second Porsche from DFC. Having experienced the excellent service department and the personal attention of Robert Carroll, I had no reason not to remain with DFC. My Porsche brand ambassador Scott McCallum treated me like it was my first Porsche and was extremely professional thru the entire process including spending the time with me to ensure I was completely comfortable with the new car before letting me take it home. Excellent sales, superb service, not my last Porsche from DFC.

Francis Lemay | Québec | 2017-04-13

Special thanks to Wilson Xiao for his support in purchasing my Porsche Boxster The purchase was made remotely (from Quebec), Wilson answered my many questions, always with professionalism and dedication. Wilson was my eyes all through the buying process. The vehicle was exactly what I expected when it arrived! Thanks Wilson Xiao & Downtown Porsche Lyne & Francis

Mike Doherty | Ontario | 2017-03-23

Johnny Lorenz and Khalil Khan of DFC have done it again. This is my 5 th Porsche 911 in 12 years from DFC and you would think at least one time things would not be perfect but they delivered 100 % again. Wow , you ask why I drive all the way to Downtown for sales and service. What a team !!!! Robert in service works to the same standard !!! WOW

Ray Nejad | Ontario | 2017-03-01

Many Thanks to Stephen Woolley who made our first Cayenne experience memorable. Professional and reliable.

Munir Nathoo | Ontario | 2016-10-26

I purchased a Targa4S from Stephen Woolley/ AB Hamid. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that was exhibited. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate recommending or buying another vehicle from Downtown Porsche.

pierre seunik | ON | 2016-07-12

Great team at downtown Porsche thanks again for the great service and attention to detail in my purchase of my first 911 991 s looking forward to doing all my business at DTP

Garrick Loveria | ON | 2016-07-06

Big thanks to service advisor Robert Carroll for helping a Buffalo, NY Porsche owner resolve a lingering tech issue. Robert went out of his way to support me and my local dealership when he was under no obligation to do so. A true professional!

Julie Gallinaro | ON | 2016-06-16

Thank you Lee Sayadeth for making my 2nd, Boxster S purchase such a joy. Robert Caroll and Khalil Khan have been the reason I service my Porsche only at Downtown Porsche.

Lisbeth Romanelli | Ontario | 2016-06-14

Brought my Cayenne in for service about a month ago with my daughter. Everyone was so helpful and friendly! They even gave my daughter a teddy bear! Great customer service.

Jeff Lewis | Ontario | 2016-04-22

Johnny Lorenz and Downtown Porsche is by far the best automotive purchasing experience ever. Johnny is the ultimate brand ambassador and DFC provides first class service and support on a daily basis, whether it be for new or pre-owned Porsches. I have always appreciated the experience in dealing with both DFC and Johnny!

Judith Humphrey | ON | 2016-03-18

Over the years I have purchased five 911s from Downtown Porsche! That says it all. Antje Gray is a wonderful sales agent who really knows how to create customer loyalty. And the service team are amazing, -Robert Carroll in particular has delivered fabulous customer service - - and the owners of Downtown Porsche are always warm and personable. I love the fact, too, that they have a Ladies' Day. All this - - and a great car experience! Thank you.

James Horsburgh | ON | 2016-03-18

Best car buying experience ever.

Judy Winberg | ON | 2016-03-18

SUPERB sales person - Johnny Lorenz - he's the most knowledgeable, kind and patient...he's as into it as we are! he's a perfectionist, he takes pride in each client.

Shelagh Stoneham | ON | 2016-03-18

First servicing on my Cayenne at Downtown Porsche last Saturday. Incredibly impressed by the outstanding level of customer service. Robert Carroll and his team were friendly, thoughtful and flexible. My oil change turned into a yearly checkup to save me a return trip. And I just received a followup email from Robert. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Robert and team Porsche. Shelagh

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